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While many of us are excited to get back to playing netball, we all need to ensure this is in a safe and informed manner. Before stepping back on to a court, every player (and their responsible adult) must make sure they understand the risks of partaking in netball activity and the rules they must follow to minimise these risks. 

We ask that all documents on this page are downloaded and read by all club members. These include the England Netball Restart Guidance, which covers a range of information including potential risks involved during netball activity, how the modified game reduces these risks, and tips and steps to take to keep players and officials safe, the club risk assessment and risk mitigation plans which detail how we, as Grangers, are planning to safely implement these changes to allow our members to return to netball with the smallest possible risk and the Grangers player code of conduct and training policy. 

With all Bedford leagues now in play for the season, please take a look at either the 'Adult' or 'Youth & Junior' COVID pages for your relevant guidance.

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